“What if running your campaign promotions smoothly, could save you time and money?”

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NOVIK is the number one cost-efficient, easy and results-driven Promotion Management Tool around. At this moment, NOVIK is already being used worldwide in over 130 countries, from Scandinavia to Africa and the UK to Russia. The results? Our customers have saved millions of euros and we keep counting! Thanks to years of experience, we have collected interesting insights and data, which we use to make NOVIK work even better for you by saving even more on your promotions!

Tell me more about NOVIK

The five facts of NOVIK


NOVIK is custom-made to fit your brand, needs and campaign. It is simple to use, no matter what.


NOVIK equals better time efficiency, less errors and costs, but also more fans and subscriptions. That’s what we call effective!


You upload your campaign promotion; NOVIK does the rest. You’re in charge though, with 24/7 access. Run the show, like a captain on a calm sea.


Managing your optimal promotion has never been so easy: use the NOVIK dashboard to check instant data, the status and effectiveness of your campaign promotion.


Smooth running campaigns save money and satisfy customers. Get maximum efficiency and up-to-date insights at any moment, while in full control.

Bosch Selfservice Tool

What does NOVIK do for Bosch?

Bosch is a worldwide leader in the technological and service market. The company consists of many different divisions. For the Bosch Powertool division, which supplies specialist- and DIY machinery, NOVIK makes the difference.By introducing our Promotion Marketing Tool we already saved more than €80.000,- on promotions and that sum just keeps growing!!

Meeting all requirements with Novik custom-fit

Bosch wanted to keep track of their different promotions and effectively use their data-insights to improve their customer service. That’s why we created a customized NOVIK tool, that is designed to offer maximal efficiency for the Bosch market. The tool makes it easy to start new promotion campaigns, but also to round-up existing ones, for both Bosch as other involved parties. A key feature for a more efficient approach, was a solution for fraud detection and call reduction (call center) with well designed features. To improve aftersales, Bosch wanted to build an e-mail database of their users/consumers, containing as much relevant information as possible. All provided by Novik, to help increase sales!

In short, Bosch was looking for a way to handle their campaign promotions as efficient as possible while saving time, energy, fte and costs – by creating an optimized process that provides smooth running promotions and yields maximal results!

That's what I need!

Let’s talk about results
20X Bosch campaigns

Perfect Fit
A lot of extra partners
  • 90 hrs. to start up the campaign promotion
  • Zero newsletters subscriptions
  • € 35.000,- extra costs for packaging
  • Hundreds of errors in the shipping process
Easy Peasy
Handling a campaign promotion
is seen as a threshold
Instant Data
Perfect Fit
One partner
  • 30 hrs. to start up the campaign promotion
  • 13.000 newsletters subscriptions
  • Zero extra costs for packaging
  • 7 errors in the shipping process
Easy Peasy
Handling a campaign promotion
becomes easy and is seen as an opportunity
Instant Data
Anti-fraud thanks to easy verification
Generating Succes
  • € 15.166,- savings for the first 20 campaigns
  • € 40.000,- savings for the following 20 campaigns
  • + Boost of the overall moral
  • + 9.600 fans
  • - Less and controlled fraud
  • - 200 man-hours
  • - 500% error margin